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What is the salary you make after graduating from Harvard Law School?

  For 2007 graduates, the top starting salary for new associates at the largest national firms was $160,000. Not all graduates of Harvard Law School end up in those firms. (MORE)

What month did Barack Obama graduate from Harvard law school?

With thanks to the Harvard University Archives, we can even give the exact date: It was June 6, 1991. Mr. Obama's graduation at Harvard was also written about in the Harvard C (MORE)

What president graduated from Harvard university?

There are currently eight presidents who graduated from Harvard University: 1. John Adams-Artium Baccalaureatus (A.B.) 1755; Artium Magister (A.M.) 1758; Legum Doctor (honor (MORE)

What did Barack Obama do after he graduated from Harvard?

After graduating from Harvard with his JD (Doctor of Laws) in 1991, Mr. Obama worked as a civil rights lawyer and as a community organizer in Chicago. He also taught constitut (MORE)

When did Jonathan Edwards graduate from Harvard?

Jonathan Edwards was a Theologian, Preacher, and a missionary to the Native Americans in the 1700's. He was known to defend the Reformed theology of Christianity. He also was (MORE)

What year did Michelle obama graduate from harvard law school?

She graduated in 1988, the year before her future husband Barack Obama began his studies there. (At that time, her name was Michelle Robinson.)
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