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Can animals have ALS?

Animals can get ALS. they don't shot the symptoms of ALS but do walk funny, walk slow or bent over. But dont freak out. Go to a vet and find out. there is meds you can give th (MORE)

Who was Al Biruni?

Al-Biruni was a Muslim scholar higly famed as a great Historians of his time, he made significant intricate studies in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and geography, it w (MORE)
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Who was Al Capone?

Al Capone was an American gangster in the 1920s and 1930s. He and his organization robbed and stole and killed to make a profit. He was finally captured in 1938 and imprisoned (MORE)

What is Al-Jazeera?

Al-Jazeera is the television network based in Qatar that covers most of the middle-east news.
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How can you get ALS?

It's an autoimmune disease. That means your immune system attacks  your own body/nervous system. ALS just happens. It's nothing you  have done or have not done. It usually a (MORE)

How did hasan sabah die?

hasan kamel al sabah was an inventor who invented the electricity. he studied in the American university of beirut and he went to the united states later. he there did and ach (MORE)

Where was al-Qaeda from?

Al-Qaeda was founded in 1988 by Osama Bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam,  and other militants. Al-Qaeda is thought to have started in  response to the Soviet War in Afghanistan, how (MORE)

What is Al Ameen?

Al-Ameen is an Arabic word that means the honest. It was called on prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) before being assigned by God as a prophet. This is because prophet Muha (MORE)