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What is hashish?

Answer . Concentrated "essence of cannabis".. Hash (or hashish) in my language (Arabic) means grass.... grass is another word pot, weed, marijuana, cannabis. It also can b (MORE)
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How do you make hashish?

Hashish is made by removing resinous glands called trichomes or keif from flowering tops and leaves of the cannabis plant and pressing this fine powder, usually under heat int (MORE)

What is the origin of hashish?

The writings of Marco Polo (1273) describe the use of hashish by a sect of warriors following the Persian tribal leader Al - Hassan around the year 1090 who became known as (MORE)

How is hashish made?

Hashish is made by separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant and then heating them up. Then you get a hard, dark substance = Hashish.
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Is hashish addictive?

No, absolutely not. Hashish and marijuana are not addictive, causes no psychological or physiological addictive traits and have no withdrawal side effects. Those who claim it (MORE)

Is there an addiction on hashish?

Yes it does it addicts that u will have to smoke atleast 1 or more cig everyday & if u wont u will feel tention , anxiety stress. u wont ab able to concentrate on anything wit (MORE)

Is hashish addicting?

As a Marijuana derivitive (something that contains the active ingredient, THC) it's not been proven physically addicitve, but it's been accused of being "mentally" addictive. (MORE)
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How was hashish created?

Hashish is created in west asia from a gland called trichomes.trichomes come from a cannabis plant