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What is Hasidic Judaism?

Hasidic Judaism is one major branch of Orthodox Judaism. TheChasidic (Hasidic) movement was founded some 280 years ago, byRabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov (1700-1760). He introduced ( Full Answer )
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What foods do hasidic jews eat?

Depending of their level of religious practice Hasidim (and evensecular Jews) may follow the teachings enumerated by Kashrut.Common prohibitions include pork and not mixing da ( Full Answer )
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What is the Hasidic view on smoking?

Smoking is a contravention of Jewish Law which requires a preservation of the body and a preservation of life. Since smoking only advances death, it is prohibited. This was re ( Full Answer )
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What does hasid mean?

"Hasid" is a noun and an adjective. As an adjective it means "pious" and\nis sometimes also used to mean "kind;" "going beyond the letter of the \nlaw." As a noun, "Hasid" and ( Full Answer )
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What is the holy place of Hasidic Jews?

The same as all other Jews. Prayers are conducted in synagogues;and the central holiest site is the Temple in Jerusalem, of whichonly the Western Wall now stands.
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What is a Hasidic Dynasty?

A Hasidic Dynasty is the passing-on of spiritual leadership fromone Chasidic Rebbe to the next. Usually such passing-on occursbetween a father-son relationship.
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Are Hasidic Jews cowards?

Many hasidic Jews, in an effort to shelter themselves fromassimilation and remain pure, do not attend secular colleges oreven speak fluent English. Yet somehow, against all od ( Full Answer )
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What do hasidic Jews believe?

The Chasidic (Hasidic) movement began long before Rabbi Israel BaalShem Tov came onto the scene in Eastern Europe during the 1740s. The roots of Chassidut stem from a Kabbalis ( Full Answer )
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Why are Hasidic Jews stricter?

Jews who choose to be stricter, whether Hasidim or others, do so because they feel that we have been created to serve God and should make the strongest effort possible. Strict ( Full Answer )
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How does a person become a Hasidic Jew?

To be a Hasidic Jew, one must be born of a Jewish mother. Hasidic Judaism is a strict orthodox branch of Judaism, so one must be prepared to follow all Jewish law devoutly and ( Full Answer )