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What does it mean to have a hasty nature?

To have a hasty nature could mean that a person is impulsive, and they do not think a lot about something before they do it. It could also mean that they like to do things qui (MORE)

What are theatrical devices?

They are different techniques used in a play such as: · Mime: when you perform a piece or a scene in complete silence · choral readings :read off a paper · melodrama · (MORE)

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What does hasty mean?

Hasty:   Acting in haste; being too hurried or quick.    Without much thinking about it, Augustus made a hasty decision to buy the shower cap.   Pete hastily ran to (MORE)

Give an example of an hasty generalization?

Hasty generalizations are often typified by exaggeration and poor  preparation. Thus, one example of a hasty generalization may be  "everyone knows what generalizations are. (MORE)
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What are some nouns to describe hasty?

Adjectives are the words used to describe a noun. Examples:    hot coffee, lazy afternoon, hard work,  blue ribbon, etc.     When a noun is used to describe ano (MORE)