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What is blood pudding?

When I used to live in the English Midlands there was a large pork butchery in town where they used to boast that when a pig was slaughtered the only part that was wasted was (MORE)
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What does original theatrical edition mean?

If you have a DVD or VCR tape labeled as such, you have the version of the movie that was shown in the theaters as opposed to such versions as "Unrated Version," "Director's C (MORE)

What is A miracle pudding?

It is a pudding that is made up of a sponge mix then topped with sugar and butter and flavors ( spices, chocolate powder, fruit juices) etc then boiling water added and it is (MORE)

What does theatrical version of a DVD mean?

It is the version of the movie as it was released originally in theaters, oppose to the director's cut.
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What is the original theatrical version of a movie?

Theatrical version of a movies is just the (edited-for ratings) version released to be screened in theaters or cinemas.Mostly,straight-to-DVD movies are unedited,unrated or un (MORE)

Can you drown in pudding?

Potentially, if you were to fall in a vat of pudding, and not be able to breathe due to the pudding filling your mouth and nose... Then yes... You could drown in pudding. It w (MORE)
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What are some nouns to describe hasty?

Adjectives are the words used to describe a noun. Examples:    hot coffee, lazy afternoon, hard work,  blue ribbon, etc.     When a noun is used to describe ano (MORE)