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What is hate?

Hate is the opposite of love. Hate is a feeling of anger, rage and violence. It is wanting to do something horrible to another living thing or non-living thing in some rare (MORE)
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How do you hate?

hate is a very strong word so its hard to say somebody could hate another unless there is a valid reason
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Why is there hate?

Hate is and actual emotion Answer 2 . Because humans have a natural tendency to hate each other because of difference. And when I use difference, I mean it broadly. An examp (MORE)
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Why does she hate me?

It depends on what you did/didn't do. If you haven't done anything wrong, if you're a girl she might be jealous of you, you might remind her of something bad from her past or (MORE)
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What can you do if you are hated?

Who hates you? You really can not do a whole about the fact you are hated. Everywhere you go, you will find people who hate you. Smart people can figure out which people they (MORE)
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What is hate about?

Hate is all about dislike, not wanting, feeling bad and just totally not needing something which already exists. If someone does not want/like someone then its most probarbly (MORE)
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What do you do when you are hated?

If every body hates you, just ignore them you will find a group of friends eventually. Trust me ive been there.
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How can you hate?

well first if the person annoys you alot and you yell at them it sometimes mean you hate them like a girl i know
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What do you do if everyone hates you and you hate them too?

First you need to ask Jesus into your heart. Once you do that, you pray to Him and ask him for guidance. Remember, Jesus will always be there for you, and will always love you (MORE)
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What is hate and contains hate but yet is not hate?

Yealousy is what we would consider one as close to hate but it's not on same level of. On the contrary it's not on the same level as hate for hate more than a strong word but (MORE)