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What are some hate crimes committed by the 18st gang?

  I lived in LA almost all my life.As you may know there are not a lot of white people in LA,well the ghetto part,so I'm guessing there not the ones being victimized. As (MORE)

Do hate crimes and ethnocentrism have a relationship?

Yes, hate crimes stem from ethnocentrism and the belief that one  ethnicity or skin color is superior to others. Ethnocentrism does  not always have to be related to hate cr (MORE)

Why are hate crimes wrong?

hate crime   because of religon,race,gang,terroism.     Why hate someone that you don't know or understand because they are different? Doesn't make sense to. We ha (MORE)

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Are gender based crimes hate crimes?

Not necessarily, there has to be more to the crime than just the gender of the victim. Only certain classes of offenses are 'legally' classified as hate crimes and these invol (MORE)

Why do hate crimes occur?

Why would someone attack anyone without there being "hate"? As to what they hate, who they hate or why, no one can know that as their thoughts can only be speculated on. Maybe (MORE)
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Why is the hate crime increasing instead of decreasing?

A hate crime refers to a crime whereby the perpetrator's reason for committing the crime typically arises due to the victim's involvement in some social group. This could incl (MORE)