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What does hatred mean?

Hatred is a profoundly emotional negativity towards someone or something. Hatred is manifested through hostility, extreme anger, and negativity. Hatred can be a springboard to (MORE)

How do you resolve hatred?

Form a permanent barrier between you and that which you hate. A defense mechanism that you can reach for every time that your hatred tries to poison you. In order to find out (MORE)

What is the god of hatred?

There is no god of hatred in Islam . In some stories, God may become angry, but His message above all is that He loves us and wants to forgive us. It is safe to say that a co (MORE)

Is hatred a sin?

1 john 3:15 Anyone who hates another brother or sister is really a murderer at heart. And you know that murderers don't have eternal life within them . just ask god for forg (MORE)

What is hatred in Japanese?

Most common word would be 憎しみ (kana : にくしみ) (ni ku shi mi) (the u in k u is silenced when read consecutively) 怒り (kana : い (MORE)

What are the effect of hatred?

OK so hatred can effect family members, friends, or maybe even pets because you drain your emotions and take your issues out on everybody and that hurts

What is a participle of hatred?

"Hatred" is a noun and so doesn't have any participles. The verb "hate", however, does have participles. The present participle is "hating" and the past participle is "hate (MORE)