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Who married Hattie McDaniel?

George Langford, died soon after they were married in 1922.Howard Hickman married her in 1938, but they divorced later that same yearJames Lloyd Crawford, real estate salesman (MORE)
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Was Hattie McDaniel allowed at the Oscars?

Yes, On February 29, 1940, she accepted the 1939 Best Supporting Actress award at the Cocoanut Grove banquet at the Amabassador Hotel in Los Angeles. But Parade magazine says (MORE)

Why Hattie McDaniel was famous?

First African American to win an oscar. She was the first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the 1939 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as Mammy (MORE)

Who is Hatty Jones?

Hatty Jones got the role of Madeline in the Movie Madeline. She really had short blonde hair instead of the red hair that she needed to be Madeline but the judges loved her so (MORE)