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Describe what a haute cuisine is?

  A style of French cooking which is extremely refined and uses the finest French produce. This level of excellence is practiced by only the best French cooks such as Bocu (MORE)

What Does Kamla Cuisine Do?

Kamla Cuisine offers good quality, authentic, ready to eat Indian cuisine made available right to your doorstep. They have set up a website in order to provide a convenient wa (MORE)

What are the cuisine in holland?

Dutch cuisine doesn't really exist. Most meals come from France and other neighbouring countries. The most common dish in Holland is the "boerenkool met worst" A cabbage with (MORE)

What is cuisine-?

The word cuisine is used to refer to foods that are cooked in a certain style or have characteristics of foods that are prepared in certain countries or regions.
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What is creole cuisine?

Creole cuisine revolves around influences found in Louisiana from  populations present in Louisiana before the sale of Louisiana to  the United States in the Louisiana  Pur (MORE)