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How do you pronounce haute couture?

The correct French pronunciation is "oat- kuh- tyur". The Americanized rendition (OHT koo-TUHR) rhymes with "boat" and "tour". (see related video/ audio links to hear)
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What is Seining?

A type of fishing using a Seine net. A Seine net is a tall flat net that looks like a chain link or chicken wire fence. The net is placed in a semicircle and the fish are 'her (MORE)

What is the pronunciation of haute couture?

The French word haute sounds like "oat" (the H is silent), and then koo-TOOR. The term is pronounced many different ways, as it is a French term but often spoken in English c (MORE)

How do you pronounce Terre Haute?

  It's French. It's Terre not Terra, but you do pronounce it like terra, the "err" is like "air"...Haute is like haute cousine or haute couture, only in Indiana for Terre (MORE)

What is famous about haute-normandie?

It is a very historical region of France, known for its ancient cathedrals, monuments and churches, some of which date back to the 1200s. The city of Rouen is also known as th (MORE)

Describe what a haute cuisine is?

  A style of French cooking which is extremely refined and uses the finest French produce. This level of excellence is practiced by only the best French cooks such as Bocu (MORE)
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Where in France is the seine river located?

Well, it starts in the English Channel and goes through Paris, Rouen, and Troyes. It ends near Dijon. No it doesn't. The source of the River Seine is at Sainte-Seine-L'Abbaye (MORE)

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