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Why hav scientists reasoned that the earths outer core is liquid?

earthquakes have p-waves and s-waves. p-waves can travel through liquid and solid but s-waves can only travel through solid material and will be refracted if it comes into con (MORE)

Pug-dog can they hav long leggs?

the original pug had long legs and was agile and not as pushed in a face as you see commonly now IMBREEDING has cause the pug to become deformed having short legs, fat and a (MORE)
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How many babies can an electric eel hav at one time?

On average, a female electric eel will lay about 17,000 eggs in a nest. These will all hatch, but very few of them will even make it to their first year of life.
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Do grand theft auto 4 hav a mod shop?

I'm sorry but no, GTA IV does not have a "mod shop" such as Trans-fender.    The only way to "trick" cars out would be to download custom car modifications for the game (MORE)