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Pug-dog can they hav long leggs?

the original pug had long legs and was agile and not as pushed in a face as you see commonly now IMBREEDING has cause the pug to become deformed having short legs, fat and a (MORE)
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How much does it cost to hav a foal on Howrse?

The Covering Of Your Mare Costs Between 200 And 1500 Equus. This Price Is Set By The Owner Of The Stallion That Proposes To Cover.   Giving Birth To The Foal Costs Between (MORE)
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Counting the Bars: Wi-Fi vs. Cellular

Choosing an Internet provider for your networking purposes is difficult. Cellular technology is almost as fast as Wi-Fi technology, making the choice between the two difficult (MORE)

Super Cute Layer Hairstyles for Extra Curly Hair

Having curly hair isn't as easy as some people make it out to be. The fashion industry seems to constantly push the idea that straight hair is the most beautiful and that you (MORE)

Does lil mama hav a sister?

Yes she got a sister that was in G Slide, and she has another sister about my age I talked to her on the phone and she sent me 2 front row seats and back stage passes
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Do digital signals hav amplitude?

Yes. Digital signals have amplitude, as you do need to quantitatively specify the range of amplitudes that a signal must have to be considered in one state or the other. Howev (MORE)