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How many babies can an electric eel hav at one time?

On average, a female electric eel will lay about 17,000 eggs in a nest. These will all hatch, but very few of them will even make it to their first year of life.
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Why do Puffins hav webbed feet like ducks?

So that the harsh weather of the water doesn't hurt their feet, and so they can swim faster to catch pray, survive, and swim!
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I am deaf in 1 ear and my other ear has popped I am unable to unpop it. I hav tried all methods. I fear it may be serious and I may go completely deaf so I fear the doctors. Help please?

If you don't go to the doctor you might end up with some even worse problems from it.   I am A fully educated doctor, and please go to your nearest doctor, but becarefull n (MORE)