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Why hav scientists reasoned that the earths outer core is liquid?

earthquakes have p-waves and s-waves. p-waves can travel through liquid and solid but s-waves can only travel through solid material and will be refracted if it comes into con (MORE)

Pug-dog can they hav long leggs?

the original pug had long legs and was agile and not as pushed in a face as you see commonly now IMBREEDING has cause the pug to become deformed having short legs, fat and a (MORE)

How long do optometrists hav e to keep medical records?

Each state sets their own requirements. Typically, it's 5-7 years after the patient's last exam, or until the patient turns 18 or 21, whichever is longer.
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How many babies can an electric eel hav at one time?

On average, a female electric eel will lay about 17,000 eggs in a nest. These will all hatch, but very few of them will even make it to their first year of life.
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Why do Puffins hav webbed feet like ducks?

So that the harsh weather of the water doesn't hurt their feet, and so they can swim faster to catch pray, survive, and swim!
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Does a 2008 gmc sierra hav a fuel filter?

No, 2005 to current models do not have a filter, just a strainer sock that is part of the pump assembly in the tank.
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Do grand theft auto 4 hav a mod shop?

I'm sorry but no, GTA IV does not have a "mod shop" such as Trans-fender.    The only way to "trick" cars out would be to download custom car modifications for the game (MORE)