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What can cause you to hav enausea and vomiting?

Cause of Nausea and Vomiting . There are just too many variables that could cause this. It could be simply a flu virus, nervous stomach, gastrointestinal problems (the gut) (MORE)

Does lil mama hav a sister?

Yes she got a sister that was in G Slide, and she has another sister about my age I talked to her on the phone and she sent me 2 front row seats and back stage passes
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Did batovin hav a wife?

yes the musical composer batovin did have a wife. i believe her name was martha. she helped him out a lot considering he had impaired hearing and did not have good vision
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Can you hav pimples inside your nose?

Pimples can occur anywhere in your body from where heat tries to escape.This causes a pimple.I have heard of cases where people have gotten them in the ear, under the fingerna (MORE)