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How was Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was named after the Quaker William Penn. Penn(William Penn) sylvania(land) Pennsylvania= Penn's land

Who is Rachel Haverford in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Dill's aunt and the Finches' neighbor. She takes care of Dill when he comes to Maycomb during the summer. Dill claims that she can often be found drinking a lot in the morning (MORE)

What was allgates school in haverford pa?

  Allgates was an experimental 11th and 12th grade prep school off shoot of the Haverford Pennsylvania public school system. It was held in a mansion called 'Allgates', he (MORE)

Do townships have mayors?

  In the State of Ohio, Townships do not have mayors, rather they have a 3 member Board of Trustees who are elected officials. One board member acts as chairperson of the (MORE)