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Can hay fever make you sleepy?

Yes!, And the medication you take for it can also make you sleepy. Usually it "wears off" after a few days, or your (my) body gets used to the medicine, and then I don't exper (MORE)

How can you tell if you have hay fever or a cold?

23/May/09 Hay fever symptoms can sometimes mimic cold symptoms; this means that the discomfort is assumed to be no more than a cold, and treatment gets delayed. One of the fir (MORE)

Can you take a paracetamol for hay fever?

No. Hay fever isn't a disease, and it usually won't cause a fever - so paracetamol won't help. hay fever is an allergy, and what helps with allergies are antihistamines.
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What is hay fever?

Hay fever is an occurance that occurs year round when we become allergic to certain things that aren't always blooming, its natural to get sick around the spring and autum bec (MORE)

What are the symptoms of hay fever?

Symptoms of Hay fever are:. Sneezing . Runny nose . Blocked nose . Coughing . Postnasal drip . Itching eyes . Itching nose . Itching throat . Dark circles under the e (MORE)

Do you go to school with hay fever?

You should not go to school if your hay fever is really bad: sneezing all the time, red blood shot, itch eyes, snotty nose. You should go to a doctor (GP) try to rest while yo (MORE)

What can be done for the people that have hay fever?

This is a broad question that requires a broad answer, with information regarding symptoms, diagnosis/testing and treatment. For this reason, I'll break up this answer into th (MORE)

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