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How do you describe hazel eyes?

Hazel is a light brown, just slightly darker than honey colour. (I have hazel eyes :) ) hazel eyes are a brown-green color, what's cool about them is that they change color (MORE)

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What are hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are actually the most misunderstood eye color. First of  all, they are a medium mixed color - brown with gold and green.  They fall on the Scale right down the mi (MORE)

Is hazel a color?

Answer   yes hazel is a color. its of a light brown or yellowish brown color.
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What is witch hazel?

WITCH HAZEL IS A clear liquid used as a skin astringent, (something used to cleanse the skin and constrict the pores) It is an extract from the leaves and/or bark of the shrub (MORE)
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How does witch hazel help scars?

Witch Hazel is used as a herbal, home remedy for many things. It is  an astringent, which is used to dry, tighten and harden skin  tissue, causing the appearance of scars to (MORE)

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