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What is a shovel head?

  Shovelhead is an unofficial slang term referring to Harley's large V-twin produced from 1966 through 1984 (Evo engine production overlapping starting in 1983). It is u (MORE)

Does head lice jump from head to head?

No, not at all. They cannot jump only crawl and that has been an  unknown fact for some time. Even my doctor thought it was true but  it is not. Lice go from head to head by (MORE)

What are vortec heads?

the fastest way to tell is if the center intake bolts are not there.   the vortec heads that everyone wants for performance have no center intake bolts.
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What to do when receiving head?

You can give it back at the same time or play with the genitals of the person giving it to you if you are in a position to do it.
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Who is the head of Microsoft?

If you mean CEO by head, till January 13 of 2000 it was Bill Gates,  after this date he stepped down and Steve Ballmer took his place as  Microsoft CEO.   Prepare for Ex (MORE)

Do clams have heads?

Clams have a very simple body structure and do not have a distinct part that you could call a head. The mouth of a clam opens into the stomach, and none of the other structure (MORE)

How do you get head-lice?

You can get head lice in lots of ways like...when you are sleeping in someones tent it might have head lice, if your sleeping round someones house you can get head lice, when (MORE)

Why do snails have heads?

The feelers, to find where they're going, and the eyes, to see where they're going, are on the head.
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