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What is a heading?

The word heading has various meanings: * In computing, a heading is used to provide hierarchical information about other information. Headings can emphasize or tell people w (MORE)

What is that on your head?

Martin Luther King. Yep. That's what I said... Something. my moose. and my parent's bikini's they're called magotts, they're feasting on my brains Hair and/or a hat.
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Why do you have heads?

It is a pretty silly question but as no-one else is going to answer it i will for you. So we can see, eat, speak and smell. USE YOUR BRAIN!!! Well i think it is quite a str (MORE)

What is the head?

The head carries all of the vision to the throat which makes you gag!   The head holds ur brain which makes u think!   It is also the WC on a ship or 'plane
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