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Can a head injury cause an itchy head?

I have had an epidural hematoma and air mass in my mastoids after a head injury.. I can tell you that something affects me and makes my skin itch.. So the answer is, yes it ca ( Full Answer )
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What is a small head injury called?

there are meny diferint tipes of head injures. the most comon head injury is a cuncushon.
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What is an open head injury?

let think it has something to do with an open head i wonder what that means maybe it means that his head is open bleeding and serious
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Is a head contusion a serious head injury?

I was attacked and received a surprise punch to my left temple, which stunned me to the point of seeing stars. This was followed by 3 or 4 more punches to the same area. I wen ( Full Answer )
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Why do you keep your head from injury?

because if you lose a brain cell it will corrupt your body system there are some cells in the brain that if they are damaged they could make you deaf or unable to speak, somet ( Full Answer )
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What is a penetrating head injury?

In a penetrating head injury, an object such as a bullet fractures the skull and enters brain tissue.
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How can head injuries be prevented?

Many severe head injuries could be prevented by wearing protective helmets during certain sports, or when riding a bike or motorcycle. Seat belts and airbags
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What is a head injury?

Injury to the head may damage the scalp, skull or brain. The most important consequence of head trauma is traumatic brain injury.