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Signs and symptoms of head injury?

Look for and assess the following:Obvious signs of trauma to the head.Unconsciousness.DizzinessDisorientation and fatigueretrograde amnesiaanxietyparalysis or lack of coordina (MORE)

What are signs of a severe head injury?

If the head gets bumped or the person runs into something the will start to be sleepy or they would pass out Bleeding, loss of conciousness or disorientation, death
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Do a head injury cause diabetes?

no diabetes has to do with the blood and insulin in your body and the break down of food. a head injury cant cause diabetes its impossible. maybe a concussion though
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What are the steps for treating head injuries?

  There are many steps that you need to do when you're helping someone with a head injury.   # Make sure that they have a hard collar or something like that to keep the (MORE)