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How do you take your golf heads off?

  Most golf club heads are attached with an epoxy resin glue. They are removed by heating the shaft with a torch to loosen the glue and pulling the head free. This can be (MORE)

Where did laughing your head off come from?

Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (c. 1667 - 9 April 1747) was executed at the Tower Of London for treason. Immediately prior to the axe falling, the scaffolding erected to hold t (MORE)

How do you cut heads off on skyrim?

There is a perk in the one-handed skill tree (about leve 60 or so) that gives a chance of decapitaion when using a one-handed statding power attack. Similiarly, there is the c (MORE)

What machine chops heads off?

Aside from the old English method (a big hefty executioner with a really big axe), the most common machine used for beheading was the French Guillotine. It was used as a metho (MORE)

What is it called when you get your head cut off?

The removal of a person's head (or the head of any animal) is decapitation. (see the related question)
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Where did the saying 'off with your head' come from?

The earliest known use of the phrase "off with his head" appears to come from Shakespeare. Queen Margaret says it in Henry VI and Richard says it in Richard III. The phrase (MORE)
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Acting off the top of your head?

I assume you mean what that is called. The answer is improvisation, also know as improv.
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