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Why do you have a headache?

you might be tired Kimmi: Another reason you get a headache is due to a pain somewhere in the brain, since your brain can't feel pain, the nerves pick it up. So, when ( Full Answer )
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What is a headache?

A throbbing pain experience in your head.. A headache is a stage when the blood vessels in your head don't pump blood properly, causing your head to go through a stage of pai ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a headache?

You can get a headache for many, many different reasons, including being too hot, hearing loud noises, being hungry, being thirsty, or being tired. If you have back problem ( Full Answer )
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What to do when you have a headache?

You stay in your room, close the blinds (on the window) and rest as much as possible. . If you cannot sleep well, try drinking some water. Just have a glass every 10 mins and ( Full Answer )
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What can you do when you have a headach?

i am not sure about it but i think that it is from sleepless or noisy places that pains our head.
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Why do we get headaches?

There are many different recognized headache types. What causes them depends upon the type of headache to which you are referring.
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Why you have a headache?

Your sinuses get either blocked up or congested, causing them to ache. Therefore, you are technically having a sinus-ache, not a head-ache.
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Why do you get a headaches?

There are over 300 different headache disorders. Why a patient gets a certain type of headache is dependent upon what type of headache he/she has. For appropriate diagnosis ( Full Answer )
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What does headaches do?

There are over 300 different headache disorders currently in the ICHD-II: the tool physicians use to diagnose headache. In order to answer this question, a diagnosis must be ( Full Answer )
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What do you do about your headache?

New or different headaches should not be ignored. Appropriate diagnosis is vital for appropriate treatment. There are over 300 different headache types, so seeing a doctor who ( Full Answer )