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Is sky a noun?

Yes, the word "sky" is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for the dome-shaped expanse extending upwards from the horizon; outer space, as seen from the earth; a (MORE)
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What is a sky screamer?

A sky screamer is a free fall tower ride, compressed air-launched, it is a double shot ride that both launches from its base at high speed and then drops down from a great hei (MORE)

How do you get the sky jukebox in Pokemon sky?

In the after-credits game, (Save the world) visit Spinda's Cafe every day. Eventually, a big crowd will come. You decide to check it out. Spinda talks about Sky Peak. You can (MORE)
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How do you get to sky rift in explorers of sky?

Fist of all, its Spacial Rift, not Sky Rift. You have to complete the main story first, start the post game story, find and take care of Manaphy (you get it as a Wonder Egg in (MORE)
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How do you get sky fissure on explorers of sky?

Actually, Sky fissure is the Spacial Rift. In order to get this, you must first graduate from the guild. Sometime later (I wont reveal the story, find it out yourself for the (MORE)
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What if there was no sky?

That's a tough one. The sky, is basically the limit, as some people say. The sky though is actually the limit to our gravitational pull. Our atmosphere. (Wow I can't believe I (MORE)
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Where can you sky dive?

Well that very much depends on which country you are located. Some of the questions which would help you decide where to go are: Distance from your homeAltitude offered. The (MORE)
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Why is there a sky?

Also called "atmosphere", which is a layer of gases held in place by the Earth's gravity, that protects life by absorbing ultraviolet radiation, warming the surface through he (MORE)
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Is sky an adverb?

No. Sky is a noun, and either a noun adjunct or adjective when used  with another noun (sky marshal).