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What is the easiest form of martial arts?

None of them are easy. If they were "easy" they woudn't be worth  learning. To be a good martial artist requires years of dedicated  study and practice. There are no shortcu (MORE)

What martial arts are used in UFC?

You can use a number of styles in UFC, really almost anything goes. Ill advise Muay Thai which is Kick boxing with elbows and knees and some form of wrestling or Judo. Brazil (MORE)
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Which is a martial art?

Martial art is the practice of disciplines used in combat. While most people relate the term to the Asian techniques such as kung fu, karate and kendo, it also includes the us (MORE)

What does the dragon mean in martial arts?

The Dragon is an ancient symbol for power and is viewed as an ancient Deity in some cultures and can be either a power for good or evil. In martial arts the Dragon is portraye (MORE)

What does the tiger mean in martial arts?

The tiger is the "yang" element of martial arts; the basics, the pre arranged drills, the two person drills, general physical fitness and conditioning, and sparring. Not to me (MORE)

Is martial arts a performing art?

That depends. A martial art in the strict sense is a fighting art, not a performing art. And martial arts performed in fighting competition are not a performing art either: th (MORE)

What are the martial arts?

Martial arts is a term that includes all methods of conducting war or going to battle. Today it has come to be used to mean the art of self defense like karate, jujitsu, taiju (MORE)