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What is meant by headhunting?

  Headhunter - Employment recruiter   In modern industrial countries, a "headhunter" is a recruiter for an employment agency. That person actively searches for candi (MORE)

How much does headhunter earn?

  It depends on the industry they are in and what market (area of the country) they service. Some work on commission only. Some have a base plus commission. Some work for (MORE)

What does an IT headhunter do?

  an IT headhunter is usually contracted by a company or companies the search through applicants or job seekers and find one or several of the most properly qualified and (MORE)

What are the objectives of headhunters or an executive search?

Headhunters and executive searches both have the goal of hiring a  highly skilled person for a specific post in an organization or  company, often "poaching" them from an ex (MORE)
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What is the description of a headhunter?

A headhunter is a recruitment specialist who uses their industry knowledges and contacts to find the best candidates for new roles. This often times means approaching individu (MORE)
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Where can one learn to be a headhunter?

The online sources named World Class Executive Search, Recruitment Matters, Training-Classes, Enprise Pro, Top Echelon, and Executive Training Jobs should help.
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