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Why are magnets in headphones?

the magnet pulls a spring which vibrates a speaker to make high and low sounds ths is all caused by wires and other things that have radio thing majigs which know what song i (MORE)

Why are headphones magnetic?

The most basic reason that headphones are magnetic is that electro-magnetic force is required to move the tiny diaphragms in the headphones. Electircal currents inside wires i (MORE)

What are DJ Headphones?

Headphones where the earpiece can swivel. DJ Headphones are designed to block out lots of external noise to help you hear the next track in the headphones without it being d (MORE)

What are drummer headphones for?

There are 3 uses for drummer headphones. Headphones on stage serve as monitors for the stage sound.For practicing, drummers often wear headphones to protect their hearing.For (MORE)

Why were the headphones invented?

Headphones were based off the earpiece and were the only way to  listen to electrical audio signals before amplifiers were  developed. They were first successfully developed (MORE)

What are can headphones?

Can or cans are just other words for headphones They normally refer to closed back headphones used in high noise environments but can mean any over the head type headphones. (MORE)
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What are the advantages of neckband headphones compared to other types of headphones?

Some of the advantages of neckband headphones compared to other types of headphones are that the neckband headphones are more durable and have a firmer fit than the type that (MORE)