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What are the best headphones?

Sennheiser makes the absolute best headphones. In particular the Sennheiser HD600 headphones are the best. You can find more information on the best headphones in the links be (MORE)
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What are headphones?

Headphones are, in general, any electronic devices that act as receivers for signals from other electronics--such as MP3 players, computers, phones and other devices--and conv (MORE)
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What is the use of a headphone?

well you should listen to this answer way better the use of a headphone is to listen to music, CD player, radio, tv, iPod nano, iPod shuffle also. this is why because some (MORE)
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What is headphone?

a hearing device usually used for mp3 players, laptops, portable DVD players, and things of that nature they are normally used at times when the people around you don't want (MORE)
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What are stereo headphone and headphone speakers?

Basically, the difference between stereo speakers and mono speakers are that different sounds can come out of different speakers. For instance, if in a movie a gunshot was mad (MORE)
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What are can headphones?

Can or cans are just other words for headphones They normally refer to closed back headphones used in high noise environments but can mean any over the head type headphones. (MORE)
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What do headphones and speakers do?

speakers make the musis louder while headphones make the music go directly to your ears, this makes you the only person able to hear it.
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Where can you get Skullcandy headphones?

You can get them at Target ,Best-Buy, and Walmart but I would recommend getting them at because you get a lifetime warranty.
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Where to get headphones?

You can get them at many places, even at a store like Walgreens. Large music stores have huge selections and some of the highest quality headphones like Skullcandy headphones. (MORE)