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What is safety and health in the construction industry?

Securing health and safety in the construction industry is making sure that workers and even passerby or pedestrian are taken away from the risks and dangers that this workpla (MORE)
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What food is health food?

The healthiest vegetable is green, try having broccoli, peas, 'green' beans. If u want a healthy breakfast, try having Uncle Tobys cereal or Plus with skim milk. If u r ha (MORE)

What are covered lives in the health insurance industry?

  Covered lives are similar to members owned by an insurance company: the people that the entity has been contracted for, and is (in some way) financially responsible for (MORE)

Why are beans and nuts healthful foods?

They're both considered to contain a lot of protein and nuts have lots of healthy fats (although some unhealthy fat in the form of Omega 6 as well). However, some might argue (MORE)
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What is a variety of foods for good health?

A healthy variety consists of fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts, andseeds. After that, next would be dried fruits, vegetable, nuts, andseeds. And again after that, next on the lis (MORE)
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How does industry pollution affect human health?

Industrial pollution can affect human health in many ways.  Pollution could be a hazardous which can not only affect human  health but also animals.oil spills, bio-hazard, n (MORE)

Is Chinese food bad for health?

Do you mean, Is Chinese Food bad for you?    Actually, not really. They contain high levels of sodium and alot  of fried food like fried rice (Chinese Style). Spring R (MORE)

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