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How do you get healthy?

HOW DO YOU GET/STAY HEALTHY ANSWER: . If you're already healthy:. Keep doing what you're doing. If you're about to do something that you know is extremely unhealthy, never (MORE)

How do you be healthy?

well your healthy when you . drink no soda instead drink juices that only say 100% . ride a bike for 5-10 min. . do 10 push ups . 150 jumping jacks . and always ch (MORE)

How can you be healthy?

Tips for being healthy: 1: Exersize or go out for a run at least once a day 2: Drink 6 glasses of water each day (That's alot of water!) 3: Eat one fruit a day 4: don't be a s (MORE)
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How you can be healthy?

15 Healthy New Year resolutions . It's a whole new year, 365 days of possibilities! With all therevelry and merrymaking come the resolutions, promises that peoplemake to the (MORE)

Why do you have to be healthy?

If you are not healthy you will die. If you are overweight your arterys will grt clogged up so your body will not get the energy that it needs. If you are underweight your bod (MORE)

Why you have to be healthy?

Being healthy is a good thing. Everyone should be healthy at all times. You should always eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and get lots of rest at night. You should nev (MORE)
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Why do you be healthy?

You should be healthy because if you don't you might end up in the hospital. You might get diabetes or any kind of diseases. If you are healthy you can do more things without (MORE)
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Am I healthy?

Only your doctor can tell you if you are healthy. If you eat ahealthy diet, drink lots of water and exercise several times a weekthen you should be healthy. If you have concer (MORE)
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Are you healthy?

I believe that, for my age, I am healthy. However others may notshare my belief.