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Is Heart of Darkness racist?

People who understand this novella know this book is not meant to be racist. There are demeaning words used against ethnic groups by the main character, but the theme of the n (MORE)

Why Zaire is called Heart of Darkness?

Being near the Equator, northern Zaire is covered by the world's thickest and largest tropical rain forests. The trees in this area grow very tall and form a canopy preventing (MORE)
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Why there are two narrators in heart of darkness?

There are two narrators cause it's written in the modernist genre, which uses indirect discourse to shift the narration from third to first person perspective. The other techn (MORE)

What are the main themes in heart of darkness?

- The blackness of human nature (Kurtz: "The horror! The horror!") - Loosing one's footing/oneself (note characters loosing shoes throughout novel) - Savagery vs. Civiliza (MORE)

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