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Why is God in Heaven?

First of all, the bible refers to heaven as above the Earth.. Godis so great in power that the Earth could not sustain him. Imaginean ant trying to lift the Earth and in compa (MORE)

What is a heaven?

A Heaven is whatever you want; a paradise. In heaven you are supposed to be happy, with "god(s)". Heaven on earth is a phrased used to explain true happiness on Earth. M (MORE)

Where will heaven be?

A: In biblical times, heaven was believed to be a physical place just above the clouds. Thus we have Elijah riding a fiery chariot up into heaven and Jesus ascending bodily to (MORE)

Is there a Heaven?

Many authorities, many religions, beside the Lord Jesus Christ and  the intent of the entire Bible maintain that there is a Heaven.  According to the Hebrew-Christian Script (MORE)

What is in heaven?

No one knows what exactly is in heaven but you can find answers in the Bible. Or, you can get to heaven if you are a Christian. To become a Christian you must Admit to God you (MORE)

Where is heaven?

Heaven is not definable as a geographical location, at least not within our own understanding, so therefore cannot be placed or located in tangible terms. If you want answers (MORE)

How do you get to heaven?

One can get to heaven only through complete faith in The Lord Jesus  Christ. Simply trust and believe that He died for and paid the  whole debt for all of your sins on the C (MORE)

What can you do to get to heaven?

It depends on your religion. I think most religions believe in  doing good works and having faith in God to get you to heaven.   The Holy Bible reads "for all have sinned (MORE)
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Who is in heaven?

I suspect most of us (all the particles and non-material aspects of  the world) are in heaven. Most often we humans are not aware of  taking this concept of heaven personall (MORE)