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What rhymes with heavily?

I suppose 'reveille' would if you pronounce it the American way.(As in 'And now the company jumps when he plays Reveille. He's theboogie woogie bugle boy of company B.)
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Is heavily an adverb?

Yes. It means in a heavy, weighty, or extensive manner. "He fell heavily to the floor." "The device was heavily modified to withstand underwater pressure."

What planet is heavily cratered?

Hi your question was which planet is heavily cratered? My answer is: Neptune because it's the coldest planet and it is practically frozen therefore it is forever detiereratin (MORE)
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Why do you breathe heavily after excercise?

The body is in need of oxygen and breathing fuels an aerobic reaction, creating energy to exercise.When you cant get enough oxygen your body makes energy with an anaerobic rea (MORE)

Is New Zealand heavily poplated?

New Zealand is actually probably one of the least populated places for land mass size anywhere in the world. With a population of about 4.3 million and a land area greater tha (MORE)

What will happen if it rains heavily in a town?

If it rains heavily in a town power supply,water supply,telephone services will cut off.Besides it gets flood fast because there is no trees,rivers to drain the water.So peopl (MORE)

What is a sentence with heavily in it?

Vaulting over the port gunwale to the safety of the boat's opendeck, I chortled as I landed heavily in it. The plumber's tool bag landed heavily on the marbled tile floor. T (MORE)