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How do you become a heavyweight boxer?

To become a heavyweight boxer, you will have to put in a lot ofwork and training. You will have to spend a lot of time at the gymwith a trainer. Eat healthy, while still maint (MORE)

Who is the kickboxer heavyweight champion?

Their are so many organizations and professional and amateur athletes. Like Heavyweight Boxing, there is no clear answer to who is the World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion. (MORE)
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Who was the heavyweight champion in boxing in 1979?

Actually there were 3 Title Holders in 1979:   Muhammad Ali announced his retirement on September 6, 1979 and the WBA title was declared vacant. John Tate then beat Gerrie (MORE)
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Heavyweight boxing champion in 1994?

A total of three American men held the title of Heavyweight Boxing  Champion in the year 1994. They were Evander Holyfield, Michael  Moorer, and Oliver McCall. Additionally, (MORE)
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Who is the hardest puncher in heavyweight boxing?

      Well, we have to go back to the physics class in school to prove that. We learned that Mass*Speed=Power. I would go for Mike Tyson. Here is the formula with (MORE)