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Is Hebrew a difficult language?

  It's all relative. Hebrew uses non-Roman characters so the first step would be to learn all the letters and vowels and their sounds. Nearly every single Hebrew word orig (MORE)

Is Hebrew an extinct language?

No. It is one of two official languages of Israel, with about 6 million speakers. It is considered Israel's national language.. Hebrew went extinct for about 2200 years, in t (MORE)

Is Hebrew an indo-european language?

Not at all. It is Semitic like Arabic, specifically Canaanite likePhoenician or Ugaritic (both extinct and historically spoken in thePalestine, Lebanon region. Hebrew has borr (MORE)

Was Hebrew the first language spoken?

Scientific Answer   No. Language has been spoken since the dawn of humanity, possibly  further back than 1 million years. It is difficult to map and study  ancient langu (MORE)
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What is the Hebrew language?

Hebrew is a language of the West Semitic group of the  Afroasiatic language family. It is one of the two official  languages of Israel.   Historically, it is regarded as (MORE)

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Is Hebrew the oldest language?

No. Spoken language has been around long before written languageexisted. Spoken language possibly goes back more than 1 millionyears. In comparison, Hebrew is about 10-12 thou (MORE)