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How many Hebrew tribes were there?

A: There are traditionally twelve Hebrew tribes recognised, representing each of the sons of Jacob or Israel. However, the names of the tribes vary somewhat through the Old Te (MORE)

What is the origin of Eritrean Tigrigna tribe Hebrew relationship?

  The names of tigrigna people ancient fathers is the same as the old jews names in the bible like MALUK at the end chapter of josha faluke and shaluke also the hebrew (MORE)

The hebrews organized themselves into how many tribes?

According to the Hebrew Scriptures, the ancient Israelites were  divided into twelve tribes, divided among 10 sons of Jacob and 2  sons of Joseph (the tribe of Levi, being t (MORE)
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What is the link between Hebrew tribes and Hebrew months?

There is no link, other than the fact that there were 12 tribes and (usually) 12 months. A 13th month is added every few years as a leap month.. The names of the months of th (MORE)

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Who was the rival tribe of the Hebrews?

The Philistines.   Answer:The Philistines were probably the most persistent of the Israelites' rivals, but over the course of the era of Judges and Kings the Israelites we (MORE)
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The hebrew tribes originally came from?

Tradition holds that they originated from the 12 sons of Jacob (later called Israel). The Israelite twelve tribes were the descendants of Jacob's twelve sons (Genesis ch.46). (MORE)