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How many hectares are 15 acre?

6.07 Hectares. Based on 1 hectare equaling 2.47105381. To get this the easy way you just divide 15(acreage) by 2.47105381
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How many acres is a half hectare?

One hectare equals 2.47 acres. Therefore a half a hectare equals 1.235 acres or a little less than 1-1/4 acres.
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What is a hectare?

  A hectare is a 10,000 square meters , or 107,637 square feet. An acre is approximately 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square fee and is used in most English-speaking count (MORE)

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How many meters in 1 hectares?

An are is a measure of area. A meter is a measure of length and has no width, so its area is length x 0 = 0 m2 So no mater how many meters you have, they will never cover a (MORE)
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How much is forty hectares?

40 hectares are worth 400 acres. i know this because 1 hectare is 10 acres.
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