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How did Hector die?

Hector, in greek mythology, died by a spear through the chest from Achilles. After the death he dragged Hectors body around the walls of Troy.
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Who is cannibal hector?

I think you mean Hannibal Lecter. He is a fictional character inthe series of novels by Thomas Harris. The Silence of the Lambsfeatured Hannibal Lecter and is the novel/movie ( Full Answer )
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Who is Hector in The Iliad?

Hector is the commander of the Trojan army. although he was not king he was supossed to be the next king but never got to be because of his death. he still showed responsibili ( Full Answer )
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When did Hector live?

I assume you are refering to the Trojan Prince and great fighterduring the Trojan War. Hector never lived, he was just a myth. TheTrojan War occured between 1260 and 1240 BC, ( Full Answer )
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Who is prince Hector?

hector was a prince of troy, son of priam and hecuba, husband of andromache and brother of Paris, who initiated the Trojan war with Sparta after stealing Helen of troy from th ( Full Answer )
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What happen to hector?

Hector was killed by Achilles for retribution of Achilles cousin's, Patroclus's, death by Hector's hands. Hector was unaware that he had killed Patroclus as Patroclus had take ( Full Answer )
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Was hector a god?

In the Illiad, Hector was a man. He was the prince of Troy and the best warrior defending the city.
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Who did hector kill?

Patroklos- the cousin of Achilles. This death was avenged by Achilles later in the Iliad.
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What did Achilles do with Hector?

Achilles and Hector fought with each other when Hector killed Achilles' friend Patroclus, and Achilles won the bet Hector asked. Hector placed a curse on Achilles, and Achille ( Full Answer )
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What responsibilities did Hector have?

Hector was sent by the god of the Underworld to brainwash all of the Greeks and Trojans and force them to bow down to Hades. He was also a carpenter.