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Who is hector lavoe?

Hector Lavoe or originally named hector Perez was a salsa pioneer, a style of music that is a mix of jazz, cumbia, mambo, that uses trumpets instead of saxophones. He led a tr (MORE)

How did Hector die?

Hector, in greek mythology, died by a spear through the chest from Achilles. After the death he dragged Hectors body around the walls of Troy.

Who is prince Hector?

hector was a prince of troy, son of priam and hecuba, husband of andromache and brother of Paris, who initiated the Trojan war with Sparta after stealing Helen of troy from th (MORE)

Who is cannibal hector?

I think you mean Hannibal Lecter. He is a fictional character in  the series of novels by Thomas Harris. The Silence of the Lambs  featured Hannibal Lecter and is the novel/ (MORE)

How is Hector a hero?

According to the Greek heroic code, Hector is a hero for the  following reasons.     In Book 6, on one hand, he cares for his family, but his life  as a warrior ove (MORE)

In The Iliad does Hector battle Ajax?

Yes he does. Iliad, book 7, describes their single combat in which Hector is almost defeated but the duel is interrupted by a "herald of Zeus". Interestingly enough, to end th (MORE)

What do Achilles do to hector?

One answer would be- Achilles found ot that Hector killed His  friend Patroclus. Afterwards Achilles and Hector circle around the  city three times, until Achilles throws hi (MORE)