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What is a hegemony?

A hegemony is a system where one ruling social group or state gainsconsent of leadership or dominance over another state/s orgroup(s).
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What is the definition of hegemony?

A hegemon is a leader state that rules over the others indirectly, by inherent power, not military force. A sort of indirect rule. See the link below for further info:
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A sentence for hegemony?

Cultural hegemony is a Marxist concept. Cultural hegemony is the dominance of one social group over another.
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What is a national hegemony?

system of government that is ruled by a totalitarianistic oligarchy that believes in anti-disestablishmentarianism and free snowcones on tuesday
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What is patriarchal hegemony?

Hegemony is when a social group claims a dominating position in asocial hierarchy. In this case, patriarchal hegemony is thedominant social position of the men and the subordi ( Full Answer )
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How can you put the word hegemony in a sentence?

The family's century-long hegemony over the town ended with the triplets, as all three men were lazy, violent criminals whom no one could respect.
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How can you use hegemony in a sentence?

hegemony: leadership/predominance. Capitalists and Communists have been in an internecine bellum for hegemony . (internecine bellum being a war that hurts or injures bo ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have hegemony in education?

Standerized education makes it easier to compare one's level of education as all students' marks are compared to one criteria as opposed to comparing the students' marks and c ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for hegemony?

Example sentence - It appears most politicians have a warped vision of hegemony pushing out all but what turns to their own gains.
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What is the definition of the word hegemony?

The word "hegemony" can mean several different things depending on how it is being used in a sentence. The most common use for the word is dominance, overbearing and strong i ( Full Answer )