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What is Heidelberg Castle?

Heidelberg Castle is situated at northern region of Alps and above the Neckar river in Germany.This castle is most visited and center of attraction for Tourist. Heidelberg has ( Full Answer )
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Who lived in the Heidelberg castle?

Prince Ruprecht III was the one who made this castle and used to live in the Heidelberg Castle.
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What is Heidelberg?

Heidelberg is a city in Germany (in the Land or state of Baden-Württemberg). It is also the seat of Germany's oldest university, founded in 1386. The university has tradi ( Full Answer )
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Where is Heidelberg located?

Heidelberg is in the northern part of Baden - not all the far from Frankfurt am Main.
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Is Heidelberg in Europe?

Yes, in Germany. But there's also one in Canada, and probably several in the United States.
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What is heidelberg famous for?

The city is famous for the excavation of the first neanderthaler bones. It's also a name of a brand for offset/DI/rotation presses.
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How far from Ramstein to Heidelberg?

102 km taking this route: . Follow L363 from Ramstein to A6; follow signs to A6 MANNHEIM. . Take A6 to A656 to HEIDELBERG near Mannheim; AUSFAHRT (exit), then follow signs ( Full Answer )
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What is the Heidelberg Appeal?

Introduced in 1992, the Heidelberg Appeal is no more than a junk-science scam. See the link below:
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What does heidelberg mean?

Heidel is a loose translation for berry or grape. Berg meaning mountain or rock. Heidelberg is located in the south western part of Germany where there are many big hills. Per ( Full Answer )