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What is the meaning of the song '74-'75 by The Connells?

Written in 1992, it's a song about a woman who tracks down her long-ago lover with whom she had a relationship in 1974 and '75. The song is the man's response to her having co (MORE)

Why did Jerry O Connell not return to the TV show Sliders after Season 4?

Websites say he wanted to be promoted to Executive Producer- but the studio would not allow it because they thought he did not have enough experience. So he decided to leave a (MORE)

Why helen called as helen of troy?

Helen was called Helen of Troy because she was taken to Troy(a city) by Paris. She was also called Helen of Sparta because she was born there and was queen. Hope I helped!

What is a Helen?

A Helen is a unit or measure of beauty named after the Helen of Troy from Homer's Iliad . In the book it is said that Helen's beauty set 1,186 ships to sail. So, if someone (MORE)
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What are the names of the people in The Connells' 74 75 video?

The people from the video are the class of 1975 from Needham B.Broughton High School. I have found some of the names of the people who were in that class but I am not certai (MORE)