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Who is Helene Henn?

Multi-Talented Singer & Songwriter Helene Henn -born in 1974 - Stellenbosch.  Coming from a very musical family and background, she grew up singing since she was very young. (MORE)

How did Mount Saint Helens form?

Mount St. Helen's formed about 40,000 years ago, and the pre-1980  summit cone began rising about 2,200 years ago. Prior to the 1980  eruption, Mount St. Helens was the fift (MORE)

How did Helen Keller's mother discover Helen was blind and deaf?

  In the movie . . . Well, in the movie about Helen Keller, "The Miracle Worker", it shows Helen's mother standing over her crib talking to her. When she talked to her, He (MORE)

Who was Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was arguably the world's most well known deaf-blind  person, and certainly the first to gain a quality education.    Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, A (MORE)

Why was Helen abducted?

trojans wanted herAnswer 2:   During the beauty contest bewtween three of the goddesses Aphrodite promised prince Paris of Troy, the judge, that he could have the world's m (MORE)

To Helen by Edgar Allan Poe?

"To Helen" is the first of two poems to carry that name written by Edgar Allan Poe. The 15-line poem was written in honor of Jane Stanard, the mother of a childhood friend. It (MORE)

What is Helen clark's leadership style?

I would say she was both managerial and legislator type leader. She had managed coalition government relatively well, was able to delegate quite a bit of responsibilities to (MORE)
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Who was helene fuld?

A very wealthy Jewish woman-whose children set up a scholarship fund in honor of their mother.  Begun in 1955 (?)-students were awarded an all inclusive scholarship to a 3 yr (MORE)

Who is Helen burrey?

  A world war 1 nurse who grew up in Pittsberg then went on to nursing school. When world war 1 broke out she volenteered to go tofrance to be ana rmy nurse.....   for (MORE)

How did Helen of Troy die?

    There are very few sources that mention the death of Helen. Click the link below, and you will find two authors who tell about this.   According to the one Zeus (MORE)