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Who is Helene Henn?

Multi-Talented Singer & Songwriter Helene Henn -born in 1974 - Stellenbosch.  Coming from a very musical family and background, she grew up singing since she was very young. (MORE)

Who is Helen Gedlu?

Helen Gedlu is a back-up dancer for artist such as Chris Brown, Omarion, and Pleasure P. She once attended the Scream Tour with Omarion (she was his dancer at the time). Helen (MORE)

Who was Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was arguably the world's most well known deaf-blind  person, and certainly the first to gain a quality education.    Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, A (MORE)

Why helen called as helen of troy?

Helen was called Helen of Troy because she was taken to Troy(a city) by Paris. She was also called Helen of Sparta because she was born there and was queen. Hope I helped!

Why was Helen abducted?

trojans wanted herAnswer 2:   During the beauty contest bewtween three of the goddesses Aphrodite promised prince Paris of Troy, the judge, that he could have the world's m (MORE)

What is a Helen?

A Helen is a unit or measure of beauty named after the Helen of Troy from Homer's Iliad . In the book it is said that Helen's beauty set 1,186 ships to sail. So, if someone (MORE)
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Who was helene fuld?

A very wealthy Jewish woman-whose children set up a scholarship fund in honor of their mother.  Begun in 1955 (?)-students were awarded an all inclusive scholarship to a 3 yr (MORE)

Who is Helen at the Helen of troy story?

Helen of Troy, was the woman who is believed to have started/caused the Trojan War because 2 men were madly in love with her, so an ENTIRE war was fought over her.
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Who is Helen burrey?

  A world war 1 nurse who grew up in Pittsberg then went on to nursing school. When world war 1 broke out she volenteered to go tofrance to be ana rmy nurse.....   for (MORE)