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What is a Helen?

A Helen is a unit or measure of beauty named after the Helen of Troy from Homer's Iliad . In the book it is said that Helen's beauty set 1,186 ships to sail. So, if someone ( Full Answer )
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Helen in Spanish?

Names shouldn't be translated but the more similar would be "Elena" or "Helena" (the h doesn't sound in the Spanish language so those two sound equally.
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What did Helen have to do?

Legend has it that she was wife of King Menelaosof Sparta; she ran off with visiting Trojan prince Paris(Alexander); she compounded the problem by taking a lot ofMenelaos' pr ( Full Answer )
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Who was Helen in The Iliad?

Helen is the daughter of Queen Leda of Sparta and Zeus, her brother by Zeus was Polydeuces who was considered the 'twin' of Caster; her sister by Leda and King Tyndareus was C ( Full Answer )
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Was Helen a Trojan?

At the time of the Iliad, Helen is living in Troy, but she was reportedly born in Sparta, the daughter of Leda and, supposedly, Zeus.
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What did Helen prejean do?

She is a Sister of a Roman Catholic religious order who has become a leading American advocate for the abolition of the death penalty and the founder of an organization to fur ( Full Answer )
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Why did Helen have tantrums?

She had tantrums because she was both blind and deaf... I would if I was her
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How do you get into a Helen Keller play to be Helen?

Well i will give u steps Step. 1 Sign up for an acting school Step. 2 Ask something like you want it to happen Step. 3 The acting teacher will put up a Helen Keller pl ( Full Answer )
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Who is Helen at the Helen of troy story?

Helen of Troy, was the woman who is believed to have started/caused the Trojan War because 2 men were madly in love with her, so an ENTIRE war was fought over her.
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Why helen called as helen of troy?

Helen was called Helen of Troy because she was taken to Troy(a city) by Paris. She was also called Helen of Sparta because she was born there and was queen. Hope I helped!