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What is Dance's Helical Model?

Dance: "At any and all times, the helix gives geometrical testimony to the concept that communication while moving forward is at the same moment coming back upon itself and be (MORE)

Formula module in helical gear?

the module of a helical gear is calculated in the same way of that of a spur gear:. module=pitch diameter / no of teeth. the module of a helical gear is calculated in the sa (MORE)

What is the Use of helical spring apparatus?

A spring apparatus is often used to figure out the force constant  of a spring. It has a ruler, spring (with a circular platform to  add masses on) and a needle (place at 0 (MORE)

C program to print helical matrix?

//the following code will help you to write the program for(i=n-1, j=0; i > 0; i--, j++) //n is the order of the square matrix { for(k=j; k < i; k++) printf("%d ", a[j][k]); (MORE)

What is the advantage of a helical wire satellite antenna?

Circular polarization characteristics of a helical antenna help offset the effects of spin modulation from satellites in motion, that is, the tendency for satellites to spin c (MORE)

What is helical spring?

 A coil spring, also known as a helical spring, is a  mechanical device, which is typically used to store energy due to  resilience and subsequently release it, to absorb (MORE)