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What is helical motion?

Motion produced in the magnetic field, due to magnetic force that involves the components of the velocity perpendicular to the magnetic field.

What is a helical gear?

A helical is a spur gear with an angle along the face to increasethe gear contact ratio. The gear teeth are cut at angles (MORE)

What is a helical virus?

A helical virus has a spiraling structure similar to a spiralstaircase. The virus genome is arranged in the middle of the spiralstaircase. The Tobacco mosaic virus is a helica (MORE)
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What are helices?

helices are a style of vase painting developed in Corinth in the early 7th and 6th centuries b.c characterized chiefly by human and animal and ornamentally motifs painted bold (MORE)

What is helical thickening?

Helical thickening, also known as spiral thickening, is a form ofsculpturing. Helical thickenings are part of the S3 layer of thesecondary wall.

What are helical springs?

Helical springs are the typical, common, wound springs used in tension or compression. The term 'helical' comes from the spring being a helix- the wire is wound around a mandr (MORE)

What is a helical groove?

A helical groove is a groove that spirals around a round piece of material over its length or part of its length. They are used in things like gearboxes (gears), helical screw (MORE)

What is helical spring?

A coil spring , also known as a helical spring , is amechanical device, which is typically used to store energy due toresilience and subsequently release it, to absorb shock (MORE)