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How many What is does a 13w helical bulb use?

HELICAL 13W 120VAC 60Hz 180mA 13W means 13 watts cfl...... =40 watt incadescent.
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How does yagi-uda antenna differ from a folded dipole a loop antenna and a helical antenna?

Wow, your question on how a yagi-uda differs from a folded dipole,a loop antenna, and a helical antenna relates very much to how doesa lawn mower engine relate to a V-8. The (MORE)

Formula module in helical gear?

the module of a helical gear is calculated in the same way of that of a spur gear:. module=pitch diameter / no of teeth. the module of a helical gear is calculated in the sa (MORE)

How do you find length of helical stirrups for piling?

Length of helical stirrups = 3.14*d*n + p*n    d= diameter   n= no. Of turne ( = height/ pithh)   p = pitch of helical stirrups
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C program to print helical matrix?

//the following code will help you to write the program for(i=n-1, j=0; i > 0; i--, j++) //n is the order of the square matrix { for(k=j; k < i; k++) printf("%d ", a[j][k]); (MORE)

What is the Use of helical spring apparatus?

A spring apparatus is often used to figure out the force constant  of a spring. It has a ruler, spring (with a circular platform to  add masses on) and a needle (place at 0 (MORE)

Research is by its nature cyclical or more exactly helical?

I came across this term myself in my text book on Social Research. It is the 8th distinct characteristic of research.  Cyclical means recurring in cycles or periods of time i (MORE)

What is the advantage of a helical wire satellite antenna?

Circular polarization characteristics of a helical antenna help offset the effects of spin modulation from satellites in motion, that is, the tendency for satellites to spin c (MORE)

What is Dance's Helical Model?

Dance: "At any and all times, the helix gives geometrical testimony to the concept that communication while moving forward is at the same moment coming back upon itself and be (MORE)