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What are helicases?

a class of organaic moleicules, each having a double ring of carbon and nitrogen atoms
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What does the enzyme helicase do?

Helicase is an enzyme involved in DNA replication. It unwinds and unzips the parental DNA strand.
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What is the helicase enzyme?

When DNA replication occurs in a cell, the first step is when helicases unwind and separate DNA molecules into two DNA strands.
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DNA polymerase and helicase are alike how?

Both DNA polymerase and Helicase are: . Enzymes . Capable of binding double stranded DNA . Able to break the hydrogen bonds between the nucleotide bases and hold the ( Full Answer )
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How do helicases unwind a double helix?

Helicase uses free energy from ATP to break the hydrogen bonds between the double helix of the DNA. It breaks the bonds between adenine and thymine, and guanine and cytosine. ( Full Answer )
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What are DNA Helicase and DNA polymerase?

They are both enzymes that are used in the process of making copies of DNA. Helicase splits the double-stranded helix apart so that the polymerase can start to produce the cop ( Full Answer )
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What does DNA helicase do during replication?

DNA helicase breaks the hydrogen bonds between the paired nitrogen bases in the DNA molecule. This causes the molecule to separate into two individual strands.