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Where do i find a helipad on sims 2?

There are no helipads in sims 2, helicopters only land on the road near your house to pick your sim up for work if she/he have achieved the top level in the business career. H (MORE)
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What is a helipad?

It's a place especially made for helicopters to land on and always marked with a big: 'H'.Very handy on ships or skyscrapers or even your garden.

What is thickness of marking for the helipad area?

Define the perimeter of the TLOF with a continuous 12in line. The marking of the perimeter of a paved FATO would consist of a 12in wide dashed line with 5ft mark and 5ft gap. (MORE)
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Should you have a helipad in a residential area?

I don't think we should have a helipad in a residential area because . It would cause increased pollution form petrol fumes. . The helicopters landing and taking-off would (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a helipad?

The purpose of a helipad (helicopter landing pad) is to provide a safe place in a city's environment for a helicopter to land. Helipads are commonly found on top of hospitals (MORE)