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What does the helix fossil give you?

it will give a pokemon.if you chose helix fossil you will get a omanyte.if you chose dome fossil you will get make your fossil back to life,go to cinnabar (MORE)
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What does a helix fossil in Pokemon Yellow do?

A Helix Fossil is used to resurrect an Omanyte. Bring the Helix fossil to a Scientist in the third room at the Pokemon Lab located on Cinnabar Island. After giving it to him, (MORE)
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Does a helix piercing hurt?

Well you are getting a deep cartilage piercing, yeah it's going to hurt for a few moments, but it's not that tough to deal with. You need to forget about pain and make your mi (MORE)

What is the difference between a spiral and a helix?

"Spiral" is a general term describing a circular pathway in space. Without getting into mathematical formulas to describe the different types of spirals suffice it to say that (MORE)
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Why does DNA have a helix shape?

Several forces are responsible for the shape and stability of the DNA's twisted ladder shape: 1. Hydrogen bonds hold the sugar-phosphate "rails" together. 2. Hydrogen bonds ar (MORE)
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Does getting your helix pierced hurt?

Well sure it does. I have mine pierced, cartilage piercings tend to hurt a bit worse than lobe or skin piercings due to all of the nerves and blood vessels that run through ca (MORE)

How does collagen helix differs from alpha helix?

A collagen helix is less compact (because it goes into triple helices), and it is a left-handed helix.     An alpha helix is more compact and hence requires more rotati (MORE)

Who found the helix?

if you mean the double helix in DNA..... In 1953, based on X-ray diffraction images[123] taken by Rosalind Franklin and the information that the bases were paired, James D. (MORE)
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Functions of alpha helix proteins?

The alpha-helix will plays an important role in terms of the   shape and  structure of the final protein. Since it orientates the  amino acids, such as the functional gr (MORE)
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What is a helix screw?

A helix screw is just a regular everyday screw. Most screws have a helix spiralled thread that allows the screw to imbed itself in whatever is being attached to something else (MORE)