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What is an alpha helix?

An alpha helix is a type of secondary structure in proteins. Theother type is the beta pleated sheet.
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What is pie helix?

MS says : First of all.......... it is pi-helix and not pie-helix....(how much i knw) The pi helix is an extremely rare secondary structural element in proteins. Hydrogen bon (MORE)
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What is a DNA Helix?

Hi, The DNA Helix is simply another name for DNA, and such name is used because DNA is in a double helix shape. The DNA is what determines who you are and therefore is found i (MORE)

What is hedera helix?

It is an ivy, mine is a Mini Adam. They are very easy to grow, and are pretty.
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What is the helix of the ear for?

Your entire outer ear is designed to funnel sound into the inner ear, and the helix is just a particular part of it.
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What are helix proteins?

There are no known proteins such as helix proteins. Alpha helix is a secondary structure element found in proteins that formed by amino acids which can form helix. Other secon (MORE)

What is the helix of a wire?

A helix is a 'loose spiral' rather than a tightly wound spiral. Often used in vacuum tubes to amplify an electron beam.
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What is a helix screw?

A helix screw is just a regular everyday screw. Most screws have a helix spiralled thread that allows the screw to imbed itself in whatever is being attached to something else (MORE)

Definition of helix?

An object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wirewound uniformly in a single layer around a cylinder or cone, as ina corkscrew or spiral staircase.
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