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Why do the Hells Angels carry hammers?

The Hells Angels carry Ball peen hammers as weapons. Manily because it is not agaisnt the law to carry a hammer. They are also cheap and can be bought in any town with out to (MORE)
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What can you do at Hells Canyon?

Hiking, camping, looking for petroglyphs and pictographs, and touring the various dams might be fun!
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What does a support club for hells angels do?

81 Support clubs are individual and autonomous clubs in their own right. They simply support 81 and the events and functions they promote. Clubs (MCs) that "claim" they are ne (MORE)

What is a Hells Angels nomad?

They're typically bikers who rove around the country and don't have allegiance to any one, specific charter, but rather to the organization as a whole.
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What does the Hells Angels hammer mean?

In the classic "rumbles" of the 1950's, motorcycle chains and sometimes spud wrenches were carried for use as weapons under the legitimacy of also being used to make repairs. (MORE)
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What state is Hells Canyon located?

Hells Canyon is a 10-mile wide canyon shared by two states located along the border of eastern Oregon and western Idaho in the United States.See the related link for more info (MORE)

What is the roll of a women in the hells angels?

By most public accounts, it's very rare for a female to become a fully-patched member (meaning a full member with voting rights and accepted as an equal). In the vast majori (MORE)

What religion is the hells angels?

The Hells Angels(C) are a motorcycle club, not a religious movement. Members have allegience to their brethren and patch but are free to believe and think what they choose.  (MORE)