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What did the Hellenistic culture do?

Hellenistic culture was a time of scientific and artistic  advancement in Greece. Hellenism began when Alexander the Great  united Greece, Asia and the Middle East under his (MORE)
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What is Hellenistic judaism?

The Hellenisers were misguided, assimilating Jews, about 2200 years ago, who preferred Greek culture to their own heritage. They went so far as to perform an operation upon th (MORE)

Why were these three kingdoms called Hellenistic?

The kingdoms were called Hellenistic because their culture wasGreek-like after Alexander the Great fused his Hellenic culturewith the lands he conquered. Hellene was the Gree (MORE)

What is the Hellenistic kingdom?

The "Hellenistic kingdom" was in fact four kingdoms. After the  death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E., his large empire split  into four great kingdoms covering most of (MORE)

What is the Hellenistic culture?

 Hellenization, or  Hellenism, refers to the spread of Greek culture that  had begun after the conquest of Alexander the Great in the fourth  century, B.C.E. One must thi (MORE)

Why was the Hellenistic period called the Hellenistic period?

The word Hellenistic comes from the Greek word, Hellas, meaningGreece. The Hellenistic period was the period after Alexander theGreat's death when his Generals split the empir (MORE)

Is Hellenistic in The Bible?

Not as a term, the ending -"istic" is Latin aftr all, and the world Hellenistic is Frenach and German, but the Christian bible was written in the Hellenic dialect of the Helle (MORE)

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