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What is the Hellfire Club?

The Hellfire Club is a members only club in the Marvel Comic Books. The members are all mutants in some way with certain powers and or abilities. They are usually going up aga (MORE)

What is hellfire mean?

Hellfire like the missile? HELicopter Launched, FIRE and forget.\n. \nWhich is a strange name for a laser guided missile...the idea is, you put a cavalry scout on the ground (MORE)

When on World of Warcraft how do you get to hellfire peninsula?

There are a couple ways to get to Hellfire Pennisula. One is to have a mage port you to Shattrath City and you then take a flight path to your factions starting city in Hellfi (MORE)

What shocked people about the hellfire caves?

Many rumours of black magic, satanic rituals and orgies were in circulation when the Hellfire club was around. Some rumors saw female "guests" (an euphemism for prosti (MORE)

Is hellfire a natural disaster?

No. Hell is a place of torture that Jews, Christians, and Muslimsbelieve is the fate of sinners after death. Hellfire is notsomething seen in the physical world, and whether o (MORE)