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How do you spell helmut?

The spelling Helmut is a male given name native to Germanic lands. The closest English word is helmet (protective headgear).
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What kind of car does Kendall Schmidt have?

He has a BMW, i have been in it heaps of times its really cool and the last person who answered this was wrong because he has had his license for 4 years now.
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What are facts about kendall schmidt?

11 facts about kendall schmidt: 1. he was born on november 2nd, 1990. 2. when he was about 3, when he was living in kanses he was in a tronado. 3.he and logan were friends bef (MORE)
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Who is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?

His name is my name too! [[User:Litotes|Litotes]] *Laugh!* "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" is a fictional character in a popular, repetetive children's song. The lyric (MORE)

Why did Christina Schmidt leave Degrassi?

From what I hear, she left it after season three to become a model. Apparently she has been very successful with it. You can find some of her more recent photos online and all (MORE)

What school does Kendall Schmidt go to?

Kendall Schmidt doesn't go to school anymore, even though he is only still young! He has given up school for his new future, singing and acting! His best friend is Logan. He u (MORE)

Does kendall schmidt have kids?

As far as i know No i seen a Katelyn on twitter she is fake I am pretty sure Katelyn does not have children So i am pretty sure Kendall doesn't either coz this sort of stuff (MORE)