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The lord helps he who helps himself?

(Guessing)-I think this means you are helped by God by helping yourself. In less confusing words you will be helped directly or indirectly by God. It also might mean you will (MORE)
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How can energy be helpful?

Energy is the life source for all living organisms. Without energy there will no plants or animals, even life wouldn't exist. If there is no photosynthesis, there would be no (MORE)
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How is a camel helpful?

Camels help people by: providing transportation; for riding in desertscarrying loads as beasts of burdenbeing able to travel long distances with less need to feed and water ( (MORE)

What is the saying help me help you?

help one person by doing something that also helps the other person Example: if you are a person who needs help in a certain area, you're going to need to help the other pers (MORE)

How can a dictionary help you?

A dictionary can help you by telling you the definitions of the word you are looking for, a sentence with the word in it, the pronunciation of the word, and the correct spelli (MORE)

What can you do to help the platypus?

Platypuses are not really in need of any help. Since they have been protected by law, their numbers are estimated to have returned to the same levels they were when European s (MORE)

Do you have anxiety help?

yes. i have had anxiety disorders roughly 5 times in my life. and am currently going through it again. but because ive had this before i know what to expect. i asume you proba (MORE)
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Is have a helping verb?

Yes, "have" is often used as an "auxiliary" or "helping" verb. Specifically, some form of "have" is required to form perfect tenses of any verb. However, note that "have" can (MORE)
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Would you help me or will you help me?

"Would" and "will" is about the same thing so you're asking the same thing twice: Whether I will help or not. Helpful? The word "would" tends to convey a question of willingn (MORE)