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How can you get help?

  well you can get help by going to and that person will help i heard she the the best you can talk to her about anything and she will not tell a s (MORE)

What is helpful?

Anything that will benefit someone can be considered helpful. Not  only for you and me, but also for others.    (The word helpful is an adjective, meaning providing he (MORE)

How do you get out and get help?

The first and hardest step is deciding to go. Hopefuly you've done that. I can not stress enough the importance of having a plan. The less prepared you are when you leave, the (MORE)

How can you help?

It is always helpful to maintain a bright outlook and to do the  very best that you can.
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Who did he help?

who is Cesar chavez he is a man tad help all the Mexicans he was born in march 31 in1927 he died in aprl 23 1993 in san Luis a small village near Arizona he was a Mexican labo (MORE)
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Where do you get help?

It depends what kind of help u are looking 4!   It depends on what you need help with. If you are scared and want to killed yourself, talk to a grown up first for help. If (MORE)

What to do to get help?

I don't know what kind of help you need; your question is very general. Some problems can be solved by means of over the counter medication, and you could be advised by your l (MORE)