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What is segmenters in hematology?

After completing a CBC test, your results will have lymphocytes and  segmenters. Segmenters are the primary cells that come to your aid  in the event of a bacterial infectio (MORE)

What is pdw in hematology?

it stands for Platelet distribution width. though it has been there for some time as part of haematological results its usefulness has been very unclear. some authorities thin (MORE)
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What is hematology control?

Mindray's hematology controls and calibrators are the original  standards with which to evaluate the precision and accuracy of  hematology analyzers. Backed up by world-clas (MORE)
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What is the hematology system?

Branch of medicine concerned with the nature, function, and diseases of the It covers the cellular and serum composition of blood, the http (MORE)
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What is hematology resitrar?

A varied and stimulating discipline which involves laboratory  investigation and clinical management of patients with disorders of  the blood.
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