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What is a brain hemorrhage?

Bleeding inside the brain is called brain haemorrhage. It can result from trauma (head injuries), rupture of blood vessel due to high blood pressure or micro aneurysm, and due (MORE)

What is an anal hemorrhage?

It refers to blood coming through the anus and is indicative of lower gastrointestinal damage. Depending on the volume and appearance of the blood, this can be a true medical (MORE)

What is a hemorrhagic follicle?

a hemorrhagic follicle is sometimes called a chocolate cyst, and it occurs in the ovaries, I believe after ovulation. It is actually a bit of endometriosis inside of the ovary (MORE)

What is pontine hemorrhage?

Bleeding of the Pons is called pontine bleeding. The pons is a structure located on the brain stem, named after the Latin word for "bridge" or the 16th-century Italian anatomi (MORE)
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What is brain hemorrhage?

A type of stroke where you have internal bleeding in the brain which kills brain cells.
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What is a hemorrhage?

Hemorrhage ( haemorrhage ) is excessive or extensivebleeding, either within tissues and organs, or out of the body. A rapid and/or heavy loss of blood. You can also say somet (MORE)

Hemorrhaging ulcer is what?

An ulcer is a sore, and hemorrhagin is a nicer word for bleeding.So it's a bleeding sore.
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