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Is a cerebral hemorrhage a painful death?

Death by cerebral hemorrhage may or may not be painful. If it is massive, you will probably loose consciousness before you are aware of the pain. If it is more of a convention (MORE)

What is a brain hemorrhage?

Bleeding inside the brain is called brain haemorrhage. It can result from trauma (head injuries), rupture of blood vessel due to high blood pressure or micro aneurysm, and due (MORE)
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What is a hemorrhagic lesion?

  Depends....   "Hemorrhagic" is the property of containing or secreting blood that shouldn't be there. "Hemorrhage" refers to blood escaping from blood vessels of (MORE)

Why you call hemorrhage in superficial retina Flame-shaped hemorrhages?

Retinal hemorrhage is a disorder of the eye in which  bleeding occurs into the light sensitive tissue on the  back wall of the eye. by
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How do you apply first aid to hemorrhages?

Severe bleeding is a life threatening condition, whereas minor bleeding is important to control but not life threatening. The simplest, most effective treatment to stop blee (MORE)

What is hemorrhagic cystitis?

As much as 51% of all hemorrhagic cystitis (inflammation of the  bladder and of the tubes that carry urine to the bladder from the  kidneys) in American and Japanese childre (MORE)